MMM 2020 26th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling January 5-8, 2020 / Daejeon, Korea

Camera Ready Submission

All corresponding authors of accepted papers received on September 30 an email from easychair (with title "MMM 2020 proceedings paper") with instructions for submitting their paper's final materials. Please carefully follow the instructions in this email. If you are the corresponding author of an accepted paper but haven't received the proceedings instructions email, please contact us at as soon as possible.

Be reminded that the conference proceedings will be published in the series of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) by Springer. Full paper submissions (Regular / Special Session) must not exceed 12 pages (including all the paper's content: text, figures and tables, references, etc.) and must conform to the formatting instructions of Springer Verlag, LNCS series. VBS / Demo Paper submissions must not exceed 6 pages and must conform to the same formatting instructions.

All authors of accepted papers must submit, besides their paper's camera-ready materials, the filled-in and signed copyright form (please use this and only this form, that is already partially filled-in with the MMM 2020 details – do not use any other variations of this form that may be available in the Springer LNCS website). This form is to be uploaded together with the other proceedings materials of your paper, in the proceedings collection system (see below, and in the email referenced above). DO NOT email this form to us.

In order to upload your paper's final materials and copyright form, please login to easychair,, and select the role of "proceedings author".

The deadline for submitting the paper’s final materials and signed copyright form is October 18, 2020.

Additionally, one author per paper needs to register for the conference at the regular rate by October 18, 2020 – see the MMM2020 registration page for details.